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26 in x 32 in

traditional Q'ero mesa cloth


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Hand woven, alpaca, grey and brown. Please note, alpaca is more refined than sheep’s wool and this cloth has a softer overall feel. This cloth is new.

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Lliklla is the Quechua term for a mesa cloth. A specific cloth that holds sacred objects.

Q'ero textiles. The ceremonial cloths of the Q'ero people are distinctive and quickly recognized. Red, black, and white tend to predominate. The patterns are variations on diamonds, which are usually said to represent the sun, inti. We don't pretend to be able to "read" one of these amazing cloths, but here is a little of what the shapes are said to represent. 

One theme is that the cloth may be about place. 
  • A broad band can be a river, which acts as a boundary.
  • A sawtooth pattern looks a bit like a range of mountains.
  • The diamond shapes with repeated parallel lines are sometimes said to represent landholdings. Remember that the Inka empire was divided into four quarters (tawatinsuyu). As Pachamama is central to life, the characteristics of one's land, one's place, may take on a greater significance than we would be used to in North American culture.
The "ch'unchu", or jungle dancer, formed of diagonal lines making up the legs and wild hair, is said to represent Q'ero forebearers. It's thought that the Q'ero peoples migrated from the Amazon basin to their present high-altitude homeland. The ch'uncho is a very old motif. Its use today may represent an honoring of pre-conquest values. 
Here it is seen on this pottery vessel, carrying a flag with diamond shapes. (Interestingly, this vessel is called a "q'ero". And "q'ero" can also mean "source". Hence the Q'ero people consider their heritage to be "the source" of Andean mystical tradition.)

30 in x 31 in
traditional mesa cloth
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Hand woven, alpaca, wine-and-navy
shows some fading from exposure to sunlight; the lady we've been  buying these from, for several years, hangs them outside to display them. The other side shows almost no fading; if you will use the cloth to hold your mesa, the fading will not be a factor. Very nice, soft cloth.
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