Despacho cloths and other textiles for ceremony

These larger cloths are perfect for 
ceremony, despacho or display


41 in x 43 inch
$195.00 plus $8.00 shipping

Lovely, soft, finely made ceremonial/despacho cloth
navy and red colors, lovely fine patterns
very good condition, slight signs of wear
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We purchase hand woven textiles including mestanas, despacho cloths, and mesa bags in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Every area has its own distinctive patterns. A cloth from Pisac or Ollantaytambo will be distinct from one from Chinchero or Q'eros. They are made of wool from sheep, llama and alpaca. Some of the cloths we sell  have been previously used in ceremony or for other purposes that an Andean family might have such as carrying belongings, infants, food, or as shawls to protect against the high Andean wind.

Small looms and hand looms are often set up in the field, so that time spent with the grazing animals has a double use. These are hand made on small looms without the use of foot pedals and harnesses. Other pieces may be worked in the home, and intricate patterns are worked by lifting each thread separately. Finely-woven items may take a week or two per running foot.

Sheering, dyeing, carding and spinning the wool are also by-hand operations

40 in x 36 in
wonderful weaving depicting animals, people, houses, birds
perfect for despacho

reds, with subdued blues and greens
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SKU # PS952007

We can not ship this until after after March 5, 2017
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