Q'ero Don Francisco in Iowa

Q'ero Elder, Don Francisco, comes to Fairfield, Iowa. April 30-May 2

This page includes an option for the weekend that is open only to mesa carriers.

How to awaken the healer, the wise one, the light being in yourself? How to become a great healer, or teacher? How to develop the presence, the power, the wisdom to step into that role?    For apprentice healers and spiritual guides in the Andes, who trained for years to be in service in their communities, the path has included the Great Rites of the Andes, or Hatun Karpays, which have been used for millenia to transmit, activate, and awaken exalted and expanded forms of human potential.  You probably know the story of the Munay-Ki rites, and their role in raising consciousness and stewardship to the highest levels. That story continues: with each passing forward of the rites, with each fire ceremony, their energy grows not just in each of us, but in the collective as well.

Among those indigenous leaders who, in 2006, came together to present these rites as the Munay-Ki to all well-meaning peoples, was the Q'ero nation elder, Don Francisco Chura Flores. We are delighted that Don Francisco will join us in Fairfield, Iowa, from April 30 through May 2, 2010, as we come together to deepen our experience and understanding of the Great Rites. And we cordially invite you to join us!

We'll be sitting together on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. On each of those days, Don Francisco will visit with us to share his wisdom, and over the course of the three days he will give mesa carriers the five transformational rites, starting with the Pampa Mesayok rite and culminating with the Taitanchis (Creator) Rite.

 In the course of our time together, we'll be looking deeply into the way the rites are given, including
  • "the calling", or connecting to the spirit world through apus;
  • the concept of ayni or balance;
  • the traditional form of each of the rites,
  • the meaning of the Quechua terms of each.
We'll journey together and investigate together the ways in which the energies of each rite are coming forth in us. We'll consider the lineages of these transmissions and our own experience of them. The purpose behind these activities is that by interacting with the rites in these different channels, we are deepening and broadening the rites in our own being.

Despacho Ceremony:

Don Francisco is also a master of the despacho, the traditional ceremonial means of connecting with the forces of Nature for an individual's, or group's specific needs. While in Iowa, he will be available for personal despacho ceremonies. As the Munay-Ki rites, transmitted on the energetic level, awaken and empower our greatest potentials, so the despacho awakens and empowers, for the individual and the collective, our right relation with the forces of Nature. We'll also participate, with members of the local ayllu, in a community despacho and fire ceremony on Saturday evening.

1307 S. Main St., Fairfield, IA 52556, Jeffrey and Cielle Backstrom's home.

  • Friday, April 30 - 9:30 am to 5:00 pm, this portion is only open to mesa carriers
  • Friday, April 30 - 7:30 pm, mesa carriers will be joined by those that have received at least the first 4 Munay-Ki rites.
  • Saturday, May 1 -  9:30 am to 5:00 pm, plus evening ceremony
  • Sunday, May 2, -  9:30 am to 5:00 pm

Full workshop, $300 if paid by April 15, $350 after - includes all events listed above

If you are not able to attend all of the events above, you can chose to attend one or more of the following events separately
  • Friday 9:30 am-5:00 pm (mesa carriers only), $95 if paid by April 15, $120 after
  • Friday evening-Saturday-Sunday only, $210 if paid by April 15, $250 after
  • Personal 1 hour despacho with Don Francisco - These sessions will be scheduled for Thursday, April 29 through Monday, May 3. $95
  • Saturday night community despacho and fire ceremony with Don Francisco, $20
  • Monday night fire ceremony with Don Francisco, $10

Payment details
Checks are payable to
Cielle Backstrom
1307 S Main
Fairfield, Ia 52556

When you mail us your check, be sure to include details of what events you are registering for.

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