Mesas, huacas, huachuma - 6 Day workshop in Peru

A workshop  for mesa carriers  - September 2013

A week with the medicine and the land.

  •  * September 23, 24, 25 - Meeting with Puma Quispe and one or more curanderos
  •  * Sept 26 - a day off. At other workshops, participants have arranged for a day trip to a close by sacred site to meditate, commune with the land and enjoy fellowship
  •   * September 27, 28, 29 - meeting with Puma Quispe, including one night of camping at Quilla Rumayok

We're going back to the Sacred Valley area at the end of September for a week, with the primary emphasis being on working with the energies of the huacas, facilitated by huachuma/san pedro.
Jeffrey and Cielle will be arriving in Cusco on Sept 18th, in order to adjust to altitude. We'll likely be staying in Pisac starting then, doing day trips and perhaps also participating in ayahuasca ceremony with Diego Palma.  If you want to arrive as early as Sept 18th, we welcome you.  We won't be creating a specific program for others during our first week there as it will mostly be a time for us to acclimate and rest into the energy of the Sacred Valley of the Inca.  We have lodged at 7 different hostels in Pisac and are happy to give you suggestions on where to stay, where to eat, places and people to visit. We expect to visit don Francisco Flores for despacho during that week. You may join us for that.

On September 23rd, we will join our dear friend and teacher,  Puma Quispe (see more about Puma below)  for six days, divided by a day off in the middle. Staying in Chinchero . There's both a reasonable hostal (roughly $20) and a pretty nice hotel (roughly $50) in town, walking distance to Puma's home. On two days we'll be in Puma's mesa room, or perhaps a site nearby, with Q'ero don Sebastian, don Pasqual, and/or curandista dona Irena. We know all three and we're looking forward to sitting with them again. The remaining four days to be spent at power sites (huacas), including overnight at Quillarumiyoc.   Huachuma (San Pedro) medicine available each day. Cost for this week is $1000/per person.  This covers fees we will pay to Puma and the other curandero/paqos, transportation to power sites, lunch, and medicine.  Room, breakfast, dinner not included.

We'd like  4 -6 people to join us to work with Puma. Please let us know if you are interested  Let your mesa-carrying friends know, and, contact us if you have further questions or would like to talk by phone or Skype. email


Puma Quispe
 is a paqo of the new generation. A native of Chinchero, he apprenticed under his grandfather, and also among the Q'ero. Puma was featured in Joan Wilcox's Masters of the Living Energy. Here's a wonderful opportunity to sit with a practicing ceremonialist and healer, who also speaks English.

Don Sebastian
 now spends much of his time in the Cusco area, making despacho for local people. He was featured in J E William's The Andean Codex

Dona Irena
 is one of the most respected healers in the Sacred Valley. Her decades of healing practice have incorporated despacho, San Pedro, and herbalism.

don Pascual
is from Q'eros.  There is a sparkle in his eyes and a lightness to his step.  A powerful healer and ceremonialist.

don Francisco from Q'eros now resides with his family in Cusco.  He is always ready to offer despachos and karpays.

We're happy to talk with you about this journey. Contact us at  641 472-6562, or

Listen to this recording from our last workshop to sample Puma's teaching.

YouTube Video

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