Lake Titicaca extension option to our November tour of the Sacred Valley, Peru

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December 1-6.
Some of you have inquired about Lake Titicaca so w
e plan to travel there right after the November tour is completed.  Have you also longed to see Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world?

This option will include visits to:
ancient burial site

The gate of Amaru Maru

Uros Islands, the floating reed islands.

Plus an over night stay in one of the larger islands in the lake.

We will also visit the Temple of Fertility.

We will travel by bus or train from Cusco to Puno, on Lake Titicaca, a ride that will take about 8 hours.  We are not organizing an official "tour" for this optional extension. It will be  less formal journey that  will be put together by those that want to extend. Here is what we anticipate it will entail.

our proposed itinerary

Dec 1 - train or bus from Cusco to Puno, approx $20-40 per person (bus is less expensive)
arrive in Puno late afternoon and find accommodations in the range of $25 per person. We will either look for an inexpensive hostel or a 3 star hotel where we will double up to reduce the price per person.
Dec 2, visit Sulistani, burial site as well Fertility temple to soak up the energy of these ancient sites. With local tour company, estimated cost per person, $20
Dec 3, visit gate of Amaru Maru (inter-dimensional gateway) with local tour company, estimated cost per person, $20
Dec 4, early morning travel by boat to Uros Islands, the floating reed islands, then on to the island of Amantani for an overnight stay with local family. Approx $40 per person. Includes boat ride, overnight stay, 3 meals with family. This Island without electricity. You will have a comfortable room, generally double occupancy, and eat the home cooked meal provided by your host family. There will be time to hike to the Temple to the Masculine and Feminine at the top of the Island.
Dec 5. travel by boat to the Island of Taquille for lunch, then return boat ride to Puno, cost of boat is included in above cost. Extra expense for lunch
Dec 6, leave Puno.  If you will be flying back the the states, best to schedule flight to Lima from the nearby city of Juliaca.

Let us know if you are interested in extending your stay to join us at Lake Titicaca.

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