Sacred Journey - off the Beaten Track - August 2010

Our 2010 sacred journey starts August 23. It will be a small group (Maximum 12 participants), and it will be a very special itinerary.  We decided to use a question we've asked more than once, when we meet someone native to wonderful country: "Where would you go?"  When we asked this of Puma, his face brightened even more than usual.  This summer we'll discover why.  In our itinerary you'll note that we don't even name all our destinations!

This is a trip that's about making deep connection -- with the apus and Pachamama, with the living spirit of this land, and with one another... and within ourselves.  You aren't going to come home with the same pictures everyone else has. You will return with a heart full of connections, and a new vision, informed by the energies you'll experience.

Ancient Wisdom -
New Connections

We'll be returning to the high Andes from mid-August through September. We invite you to join us for a week or more!

We have invited our friend Puma Quispe, a well-known teacher, leader in the world youth movement, and all-round beautiful human being, to spend eight days with us, in a group of 12 or fewer.

The dates we will be with Puma are August 23-31, 2010
Our journey will begin in Cusco (or the near-by sacred Valley)  at lunch, August 23 and end in Cusco with a closing ceremony after breakfast in August 31.

Our objective is to to learn, on many levels, more of the ancient wisdom of the indigenous people of Peru. When we first connected with Puma, through a series of delightful synchronicities, he joyfully shared with us, as well as a friend of ours from the US who was just beginning to look at this shamanic work.  We felt that we'd been guided to just the right person for our friends to spend time with.

After being struck by lightning as a child, and apprenticing with his shaman grandfather, Puma reached beyond his own village, and even in his 20's connected with others in the mountains surrounding Cusco. He speaks excellent English, and has reached out for many years to interested people from around the world.

So, we're arranging for a place to stay in the Sacred Valley (where the altitude is relatively comfortable), with healthy meals included, where we can learn together and visit some of the sacred sites. This will not be a typical tourist trip to Peru.

We'll be visiting some sites in order to connect with the energies there, and we'll integrate that connection through learning and ceremony.  The schedule will not be rushed, but it will be filled with opportunities for personal growth.

  • Until June 1, fee for the 8-day journey is $1,950.
  • Your $500 deposit received by June 1 will reserve your space.
  • After June 1, fee is $2,100.

The fee includes lodging, meals, entrance fees to sacred sites and transportation to those sites. It does not include your travel to Cusco.  We are happy to discuss travel options with you.

There is an optional extension to Machu Picchu, through September 2.

We are also happy to assist you in connecting with our friend, Q'ero elder don Francisco, if you want to arrive before August 23 or stay in Peru after our time together.