Healing, Transformation and Empowerment - via sound healing and shamanic practices

Healing,Transformation and Empowerment via Sound Healing and Shamanic Practices

Our friends Tom and Lena Cain from Seattle will join Jeffrey, Cielle and Denise to lead a one day workshop this Sunday. Scroll down the page to read about the workshop leaders.
  • Experience the healing sounds of Tom’s didgeridoo, Cielle’s gong, Lena’s drum and Denise's crystal bowl.
  • Tap into your inner Shaman and receive direct revelation.
  • Experience the integrative power of movement.
  • Bask in the sounds of spontaneous chanting and toning.
  • Receive shamanic initiation.
Jeffrey and Cielle have recently returned from Peru where we worked with indigenous healers from the Amazon River basin and the Andes. We learned more about the power of intention and invocation to bring about shifts, changes, insights and healing and want to share some of what we learned in a ceremony that will include, journeying and shamanic empowerments. And we are delighted to be joined by Tom, Lena and Denise who will offer their unique gifts for this healing and empowering one day workshop.

Thursday -10/20/12
free introduction to weekend
1307 S Main, Fairfield, Jeffrey and Cielle’s home

Sunday 10/23/12
Healing,Transformation and Empowerment:
via Sound Healing and Shamanic Practices


New discounted fees
Adult fee: $70
Student fee $50

If you truly want to join us but can not afford to, please suggest the amount that would work for you.

Those who also attend the Firewalk that Tom will lead on Saturday, Oct 22, may attend the Healing,Transformation and Empowerment workshop at an additional $10 discount.

Checks payable to:

Cielle Backstrom
1307 S Main
Fairfield, IA 52556

community fire ceremony - not a Firewalk
1307 S Main, Jeffrey and Cielle’s home
no charge, open to all

See below for details about Saturday night's Firewalk.

Tom Cain is an accomplished didgeridoo player.  He learned how to play the didgeridoo in 1995, considered man’s first wind instrument, which was introduced to the world by the Australian Aborigines. Most often, he is content to play it as a musical instrument for his own joy and health. However, when he has offered to “didge” friends, most have had spiritual experiences and/or energetic shifts. Each person at this workshop will receive a short personal sound healing from Tom.

Tom has studied with Tom Kenyon completing his Sound Healing and other Workshops. (And don't forget the Firewalk that Tom will lead Saturday afternoon and evening - details below)

Lena Cain has been doing healing work formally since 2003. She has Master’s level training from The Leadership Institute of Seattle in Counseling, and she has most recently been trained in Crystal Pranic Healing from Master Stephen Ko. Lena is a teacher of Waking Down in Mutuality, and she has also received training directly from the spirit world. Archangel Raphael, a group of 5 Hathors, her spirit guide Jaguar, and Archangel Michael work directly with her to bring healing energies to her clients.
For more information about Lena see:

Denise Gallagher received her training in Sound Healing with Tom Kenyon. Denise is certified in Unergi, a body-centered psychotherapy that combines Alexander, Feldenkrais and Gestalt. She has worked as an Occupational Therapist for 25 years in both Rehab and Behavioral Health settings. While at her present Rehab setting, she has developed a specialty in chronic pain using Unergi as well as Myofascial Release, Craniosacral and Somatic Unwinding. While working in psychiatry, she ran groups using art, craft, movement, sound/voice, percussion, guided imagery as well as the more traditional self esteem, communication, goal setting groups. Her first love is Art. She has a teaching degree in art and is still a practicing artist.

Jeffrey Backstrom completed energy medicine training with the Four Winds Society. He has also studied energy medicine in Peru having visited Peru 8 times since 2007 living and studying with indigenous healers in the Amazon River Basin, the Andes and the Peruvian Coast. He and Cielle organize tours to sacred sites as well as workshops with indigenous healers in Peru. Jeffrey also loves transmitting the Munay-Ki Rites based on Peruvian empowerments.  He and Cielle have given one of more of these rites to 300 people. Jeffrey is a Waking Down mentor, assisting people in embodied awakening.
see: www.steppingintofreedom.com

Cielle Bacsktrom stepped into the path of spirit in the 1973 when she became a teacher of Transcendental Meditation. In 2007 she began her studies with the Four Winds Society and through that school was certified in luminous healing and energy medicine.  She has a full time practice assisting people in embodied awakening via energy healing and spiritual consultation. She enjoys co-leading with Jeffrey group trips to Peru and transmitting the Munay Ki rites.  Cielle is also a teacher of Waking Down in Mutuality

The Firewalk -Saturday, Oct 22, 2012

How will a Firewalk change your life?

Imagine what you will feel as you stand facing that bed of glowing coals... What resists? What draws you forward?
  • The firewalk helps us to transform limiting beliefs about what we can achieve in our daily life.
  • It includes the profound experience of recognizing perceived obstacles.
  • If you can walk on hot burning coals, you can do just about anything.
  • As you take those steps, you walk through a doorway to a place where the rules of this world don’t apply.
  • Tangibly connect to your own inner guidance.

501 South Street, Pleasant Plain, Iowa, Old Brick School House
Saturday October 22
Adult fee: $45 if paid by Oct 20,  $60 after
Student fee:  $30  if paid by Oct 20th,  $45 after

If you truly want to join us but can not afford to, please suggest the amount that would work for you.

Checks payable to:

Cielle Backstrom
1307 S Main
Fairfield, IA 52556