Firewalk - Oct 22, 2011

Tom and Lena Cain, from Seattle, leads us in Firewalking
assisted by Jeffrey and Cielle

How will a Firewalk change your life?

Imagine what you will feel as you stand facing that bed of glowing coals... What resists? What draws you forward?
  • The firewalk helps us to transform limiting beliefs about what we can achieve in our daily life.
  • It includes the profound experience of recognizing perceived obstacles.
  • If you can walk on hot burning coals, you can do just about anything.
  • As you take those steps, you walk through a doorway to a place where the rules of this world don’t apply.
  • Tangibly connect to your own inner guidance.

A firewalk is much more than a workshop that teaches you firewalking. It's an opportunity to challenge and change limiting beliefs and fears, and to create some very powerful and resourceful emotional states within yourself. You can consistently access these kind of states when you need them.
  • Q: Why would I want to walk on fire?

A:  There are as many answers to this question as there are people who have already walked on fire. People walk for all sorts of reasons. In general, people choose to walk on fire to overcome fear and beliefs that limit their lives. Immense changes occur when we break beliefs held for our entire lives. ‘Fire burns,’ is a tremendous example of a limiting belief.

  • Q: Do I have to walk on the coals?

A: No! It's important to say, the workshop is not simply about actually touching live red-hot coals. We focus on listening to ourselves and deciding what is best for us at that moment. In fact, there's no pressure to walk on fire. Our goal is to help you develop trust in yourself. We will use a number exercises to develop this.and your experience will be to step into a place of greater freedom,  whether you step on coals or not. The fire-walking itself is a completely optional exercise, but it comes at the end of several hours of both mental and physical preparation, so when the time comes to walk across the coals, even those who said “never!”, may find themselves so comfortable and well prepared that they walk anyway!

  • Q: How hot are the coals?

A: The coals have been measured to be approximately 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is dependent on several factors, including the type of wood and the weather conditions. Even if the fire “cooled” down to, say, 900 degrees, it is still three times hotter than your stove.

  • Q : How long does the workshop last?

A: It will last  3 to 3.5  hours, as we believe longer is not necessarily better. Taking action and getting results is what counts!

  • Q: Can you give me an idea of will happen during the workshop?
A: You will help us build and light the fireWe won't firewalk until the fire has burned down to coals. We will engage in group and individual exercises to build inner confidence and trust. These exercises will take place both  indoors and  outdoors. Our location is an old brick 2 story school house in Pleasant Plain, Iowa, a 15 minute drive from the  Fairfield square. The school house has plenty of room for our indoor activities but we may be in an unheated room. Please dress for a cool autumn late afternoon and early evening.. 
  • Q: What will you do if it rains?
We will firewalk even if it rains.  Tom Cain, our workshop leader, will make the necessary adjustments in the case of rain.
  • Q: Can I just come and watch?

A: Firewalking is not a spectator sport, but rather a deeply personal and transformational experience. During the seminar we ask for full participation as we delve into some deep issues regarding our fears and beliefs that bind us. It would be unfair and distracting to the group to have spectators watching as the participants move through perhaps the most intense and transformational experience of their lives. For this reason, we ask for full participation of everyone attending the seminar with the exception that you are not required to walk on fire.

501 South Street, Pleasant Plain, Iowa, Old Brick School House
Saturday October 22
Adult fee: $45 if paid by Oct 20,  $60 after
Student fee:  $30  if paid by Oct 20th,  $45 after

Potluck dinner to follow