Transportation to Fairfield Iowa

There are 3 airports close to Fairfield, Iowa

Des Moines, Iowa - 110 miles away
Cedar Rapids, Iowa - 85 miles away
Moline, Illinois, 110 miles away

As you are hunting for your best flight options, I bet you will be considering factors such as flight times, duration of flight and costs and rental car options available at the airport. Many people overlook Moline as an option when traveling to Fairfield because it is in a different state. Often, all things considered flying into Moline turns out to be the best option. I want to make sure you are aware of that option.

The best airfares that I have been consistently finding are from You will need to do separate searches to each of the three airports.

There is no inexpensive shuttle from any of these airports. It is almost always less expensive to rent a car than to hire a shuttle service.

Ground Transportation

If you are flying to one of our nearby airports, you will need ground transportation to Fairfield. 

Though it's possible to hire a driver to pick you up and take you back to the airport, you may find it' exceeds the cost of renting a car for the duration. And then when you arrive in Fairifeld there is no bus or taxi service. 

But in case you prefer a shuttle, here are three Fairfield-based shuttle services and their approximate costs one-way:

Rich Schindler641-929-1817 or 641-472-9126. Cedar Rapids $93; Des Moines or Moline (Quad Cities) $145

George Balf641-919-5108.  Cedar Rapids $90; Des Moines or Quad Cities $135

Jim Mayhew641-469-3027.  Cedar Rapids $65; Des Moines or Quad Cities $100

If you decide to hire one of these drivers, call in advance to reserve their time.

Driving directions

We will add driving directions soon.