driving directions from area airports

Here are directions to help you find your way from area airports to our home, 1307 S Main, Fairfield, IA.
Please note there is a fairly new Hwy 34 bi-pass around Fairfield.  Old maps and GPS devices may try to take you into the city of Fairfield via our old Hwy 34. And you will get boggled trying to navigate using those old directions The directions below, based on Mapquest routes, acknowledges the new bi-pass. The links below will take you to saved Mapquest pages with maps as well as written directions.

From Des Moines International Airport to 1307 S Main, Fairfield IA

  1. Leaving the airport, Turn RIGHT onto FLEUR DR.

  2. FLEUR DR becomes 85TH ST/85TH AVE.

  3. Take the IA-5 S ramp.

  4. Merge onto IA-5 S.

  5. IA-5 S becomes US-65 N.

  6. Take the IA-163/E UNIVERSITY AVE exit, EXIT 79, toward PLEASANT HILL.

  7. Turn RIGHT onto E UNIVERSITY AVE/IA-163 E. Continue to follow IA-163 E.

  8. IA-163 E becomes US-63 S.

  9. US-63 S becomes US-34 E.

  10. Take the IA-1/MAIN ST exit, EXIT 212, toward HOSPITAL/KEOSAUQUA.

  11. Turn LEFT onto IA-1.

  12. Arrive at 1307 S MAIN ST. Destination will be on the RIGHT.


The Eastern Iowa Airport (Cedar Rapids) to 1307 S Main

  1. Leaving the airport, turn RIGHT onto WRIGHT BROTHERS BLVD SW.

  2. Merge onto IA-27 S/US-218 S toward IOWA CITY.

  3. Merge onto US-34 W via EXIT 45.

  4. Take the IA-1/MAIN ST exit, EXIT 212, toward HOSPITAL/KEOSAUQUA.

  5. Turn RIGHT onto IA-1.

  6. Arrive at 1307 S MAIN ST. Destination will be on the RIGHT.


Quad Cities International Airport (Moline, IL) to 1307 S Main, Fairfield IA

  1. Leaving the airport, start out going WEST on US-6 W. 
  2. Take the I-280 W exit toward DES MOINES.
  3. Merge onto I-280 W (Crossing into IOWA).
  4. Take the US-61/WEST RIVER DR exit, EXIT 6, toward MUSCATINE (If you miss this turn and end up staying on I-280, you will eventually get to I-80 W which will take you to Iowa City, where you can get on US-218 and pick up the directions from step 9 below.  It will add about 20-30 minutes to your trip.)
  5. Turn LEFT onto US-61 S/140TH ST. Continue to follow US-61 S.
  6. Turn RIGHT onto GRANDVIEW AVE/US-61 S/IA-92 W. Continue to follow US-61 S/IA-92 W.
  7. Turn RIGHT onto IA-92.
  8. Turn LEFT to take the US-218 S/IA-27 S ramp.
  9. Merge onto US-218 S/IA-27 S/AVENUE OF THE SAINTS.
  10. Take the US-34 W exit, EXIT 45, toward US-218-BR/MT PLEASANT/OTTUMWA.
  11. Take the US-34 W exit.
  12. Merge onto US-34 W.
  13. Take the IA-1/MAIN ST exit, EXIT 212, toward HOSPITAL/KEOSAUQUA.
  14. Turn RIGHT onto IA-1.
  15. Arrive at 1307 S MAIN ST. Destination will be on the RIGHT.