Don Francisco in Iowa

Q'ero Elder, Don Francisco Chura Flores from the Andes in Peru will be in Fairfield, Iowa April 29-May 3, 2010.  We have planned many events so that everyone can find a way to connect with him. Activities include:

  • Group fire ceremonies, open to all
  • A weekend workshop that will include receiving several Peruvian Great Rites directly from Don Francisco
  • Private sessions for personal despacho ceremonies with Don Francisco, by appointment.

Because the weekend workshop includes time when Don Francisco will give energetic transmissions individually to each person, enrollment is limited.

Please register early to ensure your place at this empowering weekend.

For details and more information, click here

If you are a mesa carrier
, studying the energetic healing and empowerment processes from Peru, join us for a special mesa-carriers-only event.  For details, click here.

Jeffrey lived with Don Francisco for the month of November, 2008.  Read about this journey. Click here.