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Transformational Fire Ceremony

The fire ceremony is a key practice of the Munay-Ki.  Bringing in the light and warmth of the fire germinates the seeds that have been received in the Luminous Energy Field.

The fire ceremony is the sacred practice that supports the growth and integration of the Munay-Ki in your luminous field. The "sacred" is that in the everyday world which captures our connection with the divine. It may be man-made, a sacred temple or cloth, or it may be a natural place or object, such as river, a mountain, or a stone. Objects become sacred when they are recognized as meaningful; they somehow act as a symbol or connection, for the observer.

In the context of the Munay-Ki transmissions, the sacred fire serves as a connection. It consumes fuel, and gives warmth and light. Those energies in our lives which no longer are serving us, these can be given to the fire to consume. The new dream we are dreaming, the destiny we are reaching toward, this can be brought to the fire to be nurtured and conveyed to the forces of nature, the divine spirits which support us. And the fire can be brought into our luminous body to warm and germinate these seed-form transmissions, the Munay-Ki rites.

It's good to do a fire ceremony once a month, traditionally on the full moon or new moon. And it can be very simple, taking no more than 3-4 minutes. The important thing about ceremony is to bring your attention to that place of connection -- the sacred. You may want to perform the fire ceremony shortly after meditation, or after doing the breathing exercise and guided work with the archetypes and bands. Allow your attention to come to your self, your own energy, as it resides in your body...

FIRE CEREMONY  Very simple version:

Light a candle or alcohol fire, and take a moment of silent intention for the seeds of the rite to grow. (Try using this alcohol fire. The simple fires that I create indoors are a mixture of one part Epsom salts and one part 91% alcohol. Both are easily obtained at a pharmacy.  One tablespoon of each (salt first) in a small stainless steel bowl will make a nice soot free indoor fire that will burn about 5 minutes.)

Now Take a place by the fire and open Personal Sacred Space:

  1. Imagine a golden ball of luminous energy a few inches above your head, your eighth chakra.
  2. Hold your hands together and raise them above your head to penetrate that golden ball.
  3. Rotate your hands so that the palms face outwards
  4. Draw this luminous ball outward as your extend your hands first outward and then down around your body in a large sphere that    surrounds your body in a large luminous “bubble”.

Let your awareness be with the feeling of the rite you have received.Looking into the fire with a soft gaze, use your hands to draw the energy of the flame into your body. Draw the energy of fire into your heart, your chakras, or any area of the body that is associated with the rite you are working with.

Pause for a moment and allow the light and warmth of the fire to penetrate into your being.  Invite spirit to germinate the seeds to release their power and beauty.  Spend the time that feels appropriate to you.

Close personal sacred space by picking up the edges of the luminous bubble that you drew around yourself.  Raise your hands, palms up to gather that golden energy until it is a small golden ball of energy above your head. Invite that ball to penetrate your physical body, using your hands to draw it down into your body starting at the crown of your head.

FIRE CEREMONY  More manifest version:

Open sacred space. That is, honor the fundamental forces of Nature, in the four directions.... acknowledging each direction with a simple "thank you" will suffice, ....then another couple seconds to acknowledge our dear Mother Earth and the infinity of unmanifest creation represented by the sky. Or you may name the archetypal forces and acknowledge their meaning for you. Here is one suggestion:  Opening Sacred Space

For more perspective on the archetypal energies you will be calling on, see these descriptions:  The Archetypes

Now it's good to have something to contain what you are bringing to the fire. You may have written some things beforehand. You can give that paper to the flames. Often we invoke assistance using the breath. Take a small stick, and blow into it your prayers, needs, desires: What is no longer serving my growth, that I'd like to leave behind? What is the destiny I'm awakening to? What is my prayer for my family and friends? For my community? For Mother Earth? With your breath, give those prayers to that piece of wood, and when you are ready, give it to fire.

And then gather some of the fire's energy and bring it into your luminous body. Reach near to the flames; pull that energy especially to to the energy centers: your abdomen (Llankay, action), your heart (Munay, deep appreciation, unconditional love), and your forehead (Yachay, wisdom, vision).

You may at this point feel gratitude to the fire, to Mother Earth, to all the energies which are here to bless your journey.

As the fire burns down (or, if a candle, is extinguished), close sacred space. Allow and express that gratitude as you release the helpers you have called in, again addressing and thanking the energies represented each of the four directions, and Earth and Sky.