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The 9 Rites of the Munay-Ki

The Munay-Ki are nine rites of initiation that have been handed down from time immemorial through the medicine tradition of the Americas. The modern day custodians of some of these rites are the Q'ero community of the Andes. The Q'ero and many other Native American peoples believe that humanity is now going through a great transition in consciousness. The expected result of that transition is a new kind of human that has been referred to has "homo luminous". The Munay-ki are seeds that can be planted in the human energetic field, which as they grow give rise to this new humanity.

Rite 1: The Healer's Rite. This gift initiates a deep yet gentle current of healing in your luminous energy field. It connects you to a lineage of Earthkeepers from the past who come and assist you in your personal healing. It also launches an energetic process that awakens your ability to bring ease, healing and beauty to others.

Rite 2: The Bands of Power. This karpay installs bands of protection in the Luminous Energy Field (LEF) that surrounds your physical body. They act as filters, so that even "negative" energy is broken down, as we stay open to receive energy which can nourish the field instead of harming it.

Rites 1 and 2 are prerequisites to receiving rites 3 and 4.

Rite 3: The Harmony rites
, in which you receive the energy seven archetypal forces into your chakras, seven Forces of Nature which aid in your healing and empowerment.

Rite 4: The Seers rite. In this process we, in effect, install filaments of light extending from the visual cortex at the back of your head to your third eye and heart chakras. This awakens your ability to perceive the invisible world. Many have found that a few months after receiving the Seers rite, they’re able to perceive the world of energy around them.

Rite 5The Daykeeper rite. The Daykeeper is able to call on the power of these ancient altars to heal and bring balance to the world. This rite is an energetic transmission that connects you this lineage from the past, and balances masculine and feminine energies for both men and women.

In Quechua this is called the Pampamesayoc karpay. It empowers in us the the Divine Feminine, that part of us which has the ability to hold everything, to nurture, to heal, even to give birth. The pampas are the high wide fertile valleys of the Andes. The pampamesayocs are the ones who, drawing their power  from the pampas, then hold space.  The pampa is a big space. What do they hold within it? Change. They are the ones who keep the births, deaths, maturations, healings. They have the medicine which allows for or holds transition. Which can even hold another in a condition which only goes forward into death.

It is important to recognize the notion of power in this. The
“ayoc” part of the word means roughly “power of”. We are reminded that this is not a weak or passive attitude. Holding the other, holding our own wounded parts, is not an act of resignation or surrender! It is a great power -- and it is a re-balancing of ourselves, our family and friends, community and planet, from the hyper-masculine. As such it may not be easy; it will take the feminine warrior, the warrior of peace, a fierce protecting and fierce love, to make these shifts.

The bodies of human beings are built up of the earth, and as part of the earth, the ecosystem, we partake in the cycles and harmonies that all of Earth’s beings live. Sunrise and sunset, winter-spring-summer-fall, or dry season and wet season. Times when life in its outward form is thriving and displaying its splendor; times when it is waning and pulling back into seed form. Birth, maturity, death.

Because of the challenge these transitions ultimately present to us, the pampamesayocs, healers using Earth-based medicine, have been called transition-keepers, or Daykeepers... those who help us to stay in harmony, and return to harmony, with the constant movement that the very fact of em-bodied life implies.

Because the Earth and the body represent the feminine, this pampamesayoc initiation brings to us the enlivenment of our inner feminine, the concrete, rythmic, feeling aspect of our human-ness, whether our bodies are male or female.

This “bigger container” plays a role in both mutuality and awakening.  One perspective on awakening is recognizing, identifying with, the witnessing/holding Self.

Rite 6
: The Wisdomkeeper rite offers the gifts of the divine masculine. In our western world we are highly rewarded for being able to be solitary, focused, linear, critical thinkers. Up until now this has come through without the guidance of the connectedness and nurturing of the divine feminine, and created a space ripe for greed, abuse of the environment, and the history of war. As our planet heals its feminine and connective side, there will be less and less space for abuse.

In the Andean tradition this is the Altomesayoc karpay.  This means those who walk in this lineage have their power from the “alto”, mountain spirits, known as “apu-kuna”.  We recognize that the Andean term refers to working shamans, whose actions involve calling in forces from the unseen dimensions. And in the altomesayoc path, these spirit beings are associated with the high peaks which reach to the heavens.

So the Fifth Rite connects us to the mystical side of the path. As in many traditions around the world, here its understood that the encoding of humans’ full potential has come from the heavens. The “upward” energy may be represented by a single Creator/Deity, or as energies "from the stars" (which in every tradition correlate to archetypal forces of Nature), or by visitors from outside our solar system.

Helping us to connect to our full potential is the work of the
altomesayoc. As “wisdom-keepers”, these men and women may help us to see more deeply. They may be skilled at divination. When we approach them for help, and tell our story, they may whisper, “Yes, and what does that remind you of? What was its gift?” They help us with a word, a connection, a well-placed question, an old story. So these realms of knowing may be rarefied, but they are not always abstract. They lead us forward into our own higher realms of knowing, and our own higher levels of becoming the ones we can be. Though the processes of healing and transformation go hand-in-hand, this energy may feel to be more on the mystic or transformative side.

When we receive this transmission, we are enlivening, waking up, the inner masculine in each of us... our ability to connect with the divine, to take in and acknowledge the most rarefied cognitions. The truths recorded in every culture’s scriptures have come through some human being’s higher cognitive powers. We begin to awaken and feed those powers in ourselves. We open to our capacity to distinguish deeper truths and to find their usefulness in our lives.

The Wisdomkeeper is the part of us that seeks his own council, takes his/her place by the eternal fire, is self-referencing and self-regulating. This part of us can bring great focus to our work, and to the world's problems. The Wisdomkeepers have left personal stories in the dust behind them, taking on powerful myths and maps to enlighten and lift others up.

Rite 7: The Earthkeeper rite. This rite connects you to a lineage of archangels that are guardians of our galaxy. The Earthkeepers, who are stewards of all life on the Earth, come under the direct protection of these archangels and can summon their power when they need to in order to bring healing and balance to any situation. The rite of the Earthkeepers helps you learn the ways of the seer, and to dream the world into being.

Rite 8: Starkeeper Rites
. The 8th rite has sometimes been called the empowerment of our becoming, and the establishment of a new home. In Quechua, it is called "Mosok Karpay", which simply means the "new" power. "New" in the sense of a new way of being. Our territory of stewardship increases in this rite to include all of the galaxies. Power accumulates to the degree we are willing to take on stewardship.

Rite 9:The Creator Rites. As with the earlier lineage rites, the 9th rite expands your territory of influence and stewardship. The only way to have stewardship for all of creation is to step outside of time and space to become one with the creator, one with spirit.

It also completes the process of planting the seeds to prepare you for your own becoming and links you more completely to your destiny in the times to come, as Homo Sapiens evolve into Homo Luminous. This last rite prepares you to step fully into the larger fabric of the the Munay-Ki as the threads of your life are interwoven with that tapestry.

Join us.

Since February, 2009,  close to 350 people in Fairfield have received one or more of these rites; 150 have receive all 9 rites.
  Jeffrey and Cielle have also offered the rites in Peru and Australia.