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Pi Stones

During the gifting of many of the Munay-Ki rites we use a torus or pi shaped stone.  The torus is the three dimensional shape of a donut. This shape allows energy to flow up through the center and then wrap around to flow back down on the outside in a constant three dimensional circling.  It is said that energy circulates in and around us in a similar pattern, rising in the core, through the crown and down around the luminous energy field that surrounds the body. The cycle repeats continuously.

When you receive the 9th rite,The Creator Rite, a pi stone will be activated for you to keep. We have purchased several dozen pi stones as well as small pouches to protect them. When you come for the rites we invite you to take a pi stone and pouch home with you and then bring it with you when you receive the 9th rite.

Your free will donation helps to cover the costs of these stones.