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Nourishing the Seers Rite, the 4th Munay-Ki rite

Germinating the Seeds of the Seers Rite

The Seers Rite helps activate our ability to perceive the subtle world of energy. Most people will notice this as an increase in intuition and a sensing of energy around them. We will also begin to "see" ourselves more clearly as well. Parts of ourselves that we have wanted to hide will become more apparent to us.  We tend to hide, even from ourselves,  our gifts or greatness as well as aspects of our being that are in need of healing.

When the seers rite is transmitted, we first create several connections from the third eye or 6th chakra centered in the middle of the forehead to the visual cortex at the back of the head. And then connect the heart chakra with the visual cortex, like a necklace from the heart to the back of the head. You can enliven these connections by bringing your attention to them. The more deeply you do this, the more effective it will be.

When you work with a fire ceremony, bring to the fire your intention for the rites to be nourished. Call on the lineage of seers. You may wish to use your fingertips to tap or just follow along the connecting lines from your third eye and heart chakras to the area of the visual cortex at the back of the head.  This encourages perception to be informed by the compassion of the heart center (munay) and the insight of the third eye or head center (yachay). 

                                                                                 Our thanks to Earl Stimson for this illustration.