Nourishing the Wisdomkeeper Rite

The Wisdomkeeper rite offers the gifts of the divine masculine. In our western world we are highly rewarded for being able to be solitary, focused, linear, critical thinkers. Up until now this has come through without the guidance of the connectedness and nurturing of the divine feminine, and created a space ripe for greed, abuse of the environment, and the history of war. As our planet heals its feminine and connective side, there will be less and less space for abuse.

In the Andean tradition this is the Altomesayoc karpay.  This means those who walk in this lineage have their power from the “alto”, mountain spirits, known as “apu-kuna”. We recognize that the Andean term refers to working shamans, whose actions involve calling in forces from the unseen dimensions. And in the altomesayoc path, these spirit beings are associated with the high peaks which reach to the heavens.

So the Sixth Rite connects us to the mystical side of the path. As in many traditions around the world, here its understood that the encoding of humans’ full potential has come from the heavens. The “upward” energy may be represented by a single Creator/Deity, or as energies "from the stars" (which in every tradition correlate to archetypal forces of Nature), or by visitors from outside our solar system.

Helping us to connect to our full potential is the work of the altomesayoc. As “wisdom-keepers”, these men and women may help us to see more deeply. They may be skilled at divination. When we approach them for help, and tell our story, they may whisper, “Yes, and what does that remind you of? What was its gift?” They help us with a word, a connection, a well-placed question, an old story. So these realms of knowing may be rarefied, but they are not always abstract. They lead us forward into our own higher realms of knowing, and our own higher levels of becoming the ones we can be. Though the processes of healing and transformation go hand-in-hand, this energy may feel to be more on the mystic or transformative side.

Whenwe receive this transmission, we are enlivening, waking up, the inner masculine in each of us... our ability to connect with the divine, to take in and acknowledge the most rarefied cognitions. The truths recorded in every culture’s scriptures have come through some human being’s higher cognitive powers. We begin to awaken and feed those powers in ourselves. We open to our capacity to distinguish deeper truths and to find their usefulness in our lives.

The Wisdomkeeper is the part of us that seeks his own council, takes his/her place by the eternal fire, is self-referencing and self-regulating. This part of us can bring great focus to our work, and to the world's problems. The Wisdomkeepers have left personal stories in the dust behind them, taking on powerful myths and maps to enlighten and lift others up.

We will post a guided visualization to help you connect to the Wisdomkeepers Rite soon.