Nourishing the Creator Rite, the 9th Munay-Ki rite

Like all the Munay-Ki rites, the 9th Rite, the Creator Rite, is nourished with the Transformational Fire Ceremony. You can do your own private ceremony using the instructions found on this site of join us for our community fire ceremonies. Visit our calendar of events to find out when the next community fire ceremony will be.

The rites can also be nourished via intention.
Here is a Hopi Indian poem that if read and taken to heart may also serve to nourish the 9th Rite.

The Circle

There is a circle here .... 

There is a web

A network

Strands connecting 

Those who share the vision

Who feel the hope

Who sense the mystery 

We touch life

We hear the planet’s pulse 

We work quietly


And alone 

Each task

Each piece

Each a part of wholeness 

There is a circle here ....


This is a Hopi poem that is circular in nature, meaning it ends where it begins. It is meant to be repeated four times, once for each of the four directions and the four races of humankind.