Daykeeper Rite - Pampamesayoc Rite

In Quechua this is called the Pampamesayoc karpay. It empowers in us the the Divine Feminine, that part of us which has the ability to hold everything, to nurture, to heal, even to give birth. The pampas are the high wide fertile valleys of the Andes. The pampamesayocs are the ones who, drawing their power  from the pampas, then hold space.  The pampa is a big space. What do they hold within it? Change. They are the ones who keep the births, deaths, maturations, healings. They have the medicine which allows for or holds transition. Which can even hold another in a condition which only goes forward into death.

It is important to recognize the notion of power in this. The “ayoc” part of the word means roughly “power of”. We are reminded that this is not a weak or passive attitude. Holding the other, holding our own wounded parts, is not an act of resignation or surrender! It is a great power --and it is a re-balancing of ourselves, our family and friends, community and planet, from the hyper-masculine. As such it may not be easy; it will take the feminine warrior, the warrior of peace, a fierce protecting and fierce love, to make these shifts.

The bodies of human beings are built up of the earth, and as part of the earth, the ecosystem, we partake in the cycles and harmonies that all of Earth’s beings live. Sunrise and sunset, winter-spring-summer-fall, or dry season and wet season. Times when life in its outward form is thriving and displaying its splendor; times when it is waning and pulling back into seed form. Birth, maturity, death.

Because of the challenge these transitions ultimately present to us, the pampamesayocs, healers using Earth-based medicine, have been called transition-keepers, or Daykeepers... those who help us to stay in harmony, and return to harmony, with the constant movement that the very fact of em-bodied life implies.

Because the Earth and the body represent the feminine, this pampamesayoc initiation brings to us the enlivenment of our inner feminine, the concrete, rythmic, feeling aspect of our human-ness, whether our bodies are male or female.

This “bigger container” plays a role in both mutuality and awakening.  One perspective on awakening is recognizing, identifying with, the witnessing/holding Self.

Here is a guided visualization you may listen to to nourish the Daykeeper or Pampamesayoc Rite.