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Nourishing the Munay-Ki Rites

The Munay-Ki rites are transmitted as seeds that can be nourished to ensure germination.

We have created some other aids to help nourish specific rites.

Rite 1: Healer's Rite   For a guided visualization to nourish the Healer's Rite, click here

Rite 2: Bands of Power
.  For a guided visualization to nourish the Bands of Power, click here.

Rite 3: Harmony Rites
: For a guided visualization to nourish the Harmony Rites, click here,

Rite 4: Seers Rite. To help germinate the "seeds" of the Seers Rite, click here.

Rite 5: Daykeeper or Pampamesayoc Rite. For a guided visualization to nourish the Daykeeper Rite, click here.

Rite 6: Wisdomkeeper or Altomasyok Rite.  For more information Click here.

Rite 7: Earthkeepers: For inspiration, click here.

Rite 8: Starkeepers:  For a guide visualization to nourhish the Starkeepers Rite, click here.

Rite 9: the Creator Rite.
  Read the Hopi poem, The Circle, click here. Listen to Cielle recite the poem here.

There are two fundamental practices for nourishing the rites are Fire Ceremonies and Breathing Exercise.  We periodically offer fire Ceremonies and instruction in the Breathing Exercise.  Please email for information.

You may also create your own fire ceremonies at home. 
  • See our instructions for the Fire Ceremony.
  • You may purchase a CD from us that has instructions for the Breathing Exercise.