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Munay-Ki Questions

We enjoy the exchange of thoughts, feelings, and impressions about the Munay-Ki.  Sharing some here.

Daykeepers and Wisdomkeepers
Dear Jeffrey and Cielle,

I received the Wisdomkeepers' Rite on Sunday and forgot to ask a question
before the rite.  Usually somebody will ask how the rite they are about to
receive typically manifests in day to day life.  Nobody asked that
question and I honestly forgot.  This particular rite feels exceptionally
subtle in comparison to the other rites I've received, and I was wondering
if you might be able to give me some idea of what may lie ahead.

I understand that all of these rites manifest differently in each
individual, and my friend and I have been comparing experiences as
time goes by.  It's especially interesting to me - and I would like to
point out to you - that as a male, I felt the Daykeepers' Rite more
profoundly whereas she experienced the Wisdomkeepers' Rite with more
intensity.  It's interesting to me that the gender of the recipient
appears to have an effect on the experiential profundity of the rite
itself.  Fascinating!

I thank you again for the work you do, and for giving these rites to me.
May you continue to be richly blessed for your good works!

Light & Love, _____

Dear ___,

Yes, and they keep getting more subtle!

What you and I are doing now, in this conversational exchange, is the masculine or Wisdomkeeper side. We're making discriminations. Quite abstract. And also what we commonly call "spiritual experiences", the transcendent, light-filled, pure consciousness side. Roles might include teachers, when they are working in this way.

 In the work Cielle and I do, the two sides are often apparent, and they often co-exist. A person with an "issue" may be very well served by just being listened to; someone is there to help them to "hold" the situation, just be with them in that. Call this healing role the feminine; it does remind us of an idealized mother.  And then, with some time, that increased capacity in us to hold and be with the very stuff than can sometimes be so overwhelming,… that gives us an opportunity to investigate, discriminate. Then we might seek out "the father" in ourselves or another, looking for some clues, the mind and intellect lively and alert...what is going on?, why is this so hard?, where is the release point?

 Both of those poles can show up at many different levels. The two sides of this work are healing and transformation, sometimes called “the magical and the mystical.”  This pair of rites awakens and empowers both the feminine and masculine in each of us.

 As to your each experiencing the “opposite” more strongly, Yes, I think a less-familiar flavor may have more of an impact. "Peach Gelato? Yes, please!"  Not only our own gender, but maybe things like which parent was dominant in family-of-origin, what kind of work one does, etc. It would be interesting to see. We can extend the notion a little further: all of the rites are serving this awakening and enlivening and enlivening function; and for each of us, every rite will reach us in an area or direction that we’re more developed in, or less so…and thus they’re likely to all be different in their intensity as we receive them. Then naturally the immediate impact fades a bit in our memory, and it may be much later that the seed finally becomes a seedling and pokes its head above the soil. And we happily realize that we are much more than we knew, and it’s a delight to find these new, or unnoticed, parts of ourselves coming forth.

 Hope this helps. In the remaining rites you will find that the breadth of your realm of responsibility grows wider and wider. We'll do our best to give some flavor of each rite before we gift them. A lot of it is on a feeling level, and then I think the thing to do is surrender into that, then later allow that beautiful inquiring intellect to be informed by what came up. The other thing you might like is to listen to Alberto's descriptions on the video (at Even tho they are pretty brief, they are full of clues. Just today I was transcribing some of this material, and I was surprised at the things that came through much more clearly because I was going through it word-for-word. 

 Always good to see you, and hear from you.

Munay, Jeffrey