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Gifting the Munay-Ki - 2 day workshop

our next Gifting the Munay-Ki workshop has not been scheduled. Let us know if you are  interested and we will stay in touch

Schedule both days
9:30am-4:30pm (with lunch break) and 7:30pm-9:30pm
Fee $225

preregistration required

Payment options:

check payable to:
Cielle Backstrom
1307 S Main
Fairfield, Ia 52556


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Gifting the Munay-Ki is designed to prepare you to give the Munay-Ki rites to others.

Jeffrey and Cielle are fortunate to have received each of the Munay Ki rites many times.  We have received them in the original Quechua form in the US and Peru from Americans and Peruvian. We have received them in the Munay-Ki form from both our teachers and many of our own students who we have taught to give the rites.

We have also given one of more of the rites to over 350 people, 150 of whom have received all 9 rites. We have taught 19 people how to give the rites. We would love to teach you how to give the Munay-Ki rites.

This two-day course is an intensive immersion in the energies of these Andean rites or energetic transmissions. By immersion, we mean that the actual practice of moving these energies, over and over, giving and receiving, causes them to come alive in a big way. As a result it represents an opportunity for healing, for transformation, and for service.  We'd like to share with you portions of messages we received from some of the participants in previous Gifting courses .

As is so often the case when we open to great waves of Being, we can receive the blessing of purification and transformation.  I've been feeling this death phase that Micheal was talking about.  Death of that which is no longer needed.  It's been intense but I'm grateful for my journey and hope to continue speeding ahead.  Thank you for everything. -JS

 As each rite enlivens a specific channel or impulse, another aspect of the full potential we have as human beings, we also "see" and "hear" in ways that are new and often revolutionary.

Tonight, in honor of the new
moon, I opened sacred space and performed fire ceremony offering my old self up to the fire.  I had a vision that I sat with the Wisdomkeepers to discover what they had for me.   I sat with these men around the fire and one of them offered this story/picture/vision:   He/they then showed me mountains.  Then I picked up he was showing me a path going up and down the mountain and valleys over and over again – up one side and down the other.  The vision was flat and a bit lifeless.  Then the path began to move in a spiral up the mountain (instead of a straight path up one side and down the other).  I saw/was told this was the principle behind terracing – the terrace is the feminine on the masculine mountain.  The terrace holds in the water so the plants can grow which keeps the mountain from quickly eroding.  It’s the wedding of the masculine and the feminine.  The terrace and mountain together create these wonderful plants and then the fragrance of these plants travels up and out to the rest of the universe, supplying a sweetness and lushness that would not have been there with just the mountain by itself. In this vision, the mountain was phallic and the terracing was wrapped around the mountain like a green dress. For me, it was then a vision of the unity of all things.  It was really lovely, touching and truly a gift for me to behold.  I am guessing that this vision will have a continued effect on my life as time goes by.
Thanks, again, for putting together this course and encouraging me along this path.  Big Thanks. -DD

 And, for many of us, a gift received is also an impulse to give, to be in balance by being in service to others. "Gifting the Munay-Ki" is the operative preparation for... gifting the Munay-Ki !... to your friends, family, community.

A few days after the course, I had the opportunity to give the first rite to a friend. We opened sacred space, did the chakra meditaiton, and I gave him the healer’s rite, and then closed sacred space. It was amazingly powerful and I felt/saw the energies around me, just as I had during the course,. I also intuited other things, including a serious sense of responsibility about this. It was great. -SP

 The course will include the following elements:

 - Expanding your understanding and experience of the energies transmitted in each rite.

- Deepening your connection with the archetypes and elements we work with.
- Strengthening your familiarity with the energy of each transmission.
- Group and one-on-one instruction on all aspects of the process of gifting the nine rites.
- Basics of mentoring.
- Teaching the breath of fire and transformational fire ceremony.

- Creating the Sacred Space in which this work is done
 Both days: 9:30am-4:30pm (with lunch break) and 7:30pm-9:30pm

Fee $225