In Peru, as elsewhere, among many cultures, energetic transmissions are gifted. The Quechua term for these is karpay, or empowerment. What is known as the Munay-Ki  rites is a group of these transmissions, and it is powers that are being transmitted. This is a profound notion: that we can receive from a lineage, passed forward through time, the seeds of our own empowerment.  As these universal energies interweave with our own individuality, they help us to heal, and also to move forward beyond the limits of our ancestry, our life experiences, and even the limits of this time.  It's as if the indigenous peoples have literally reached across  time to hand us this remarkable gift. Here is an opportunity, given freely, to step into what humans can be.

What the Q'ero and other indigenous peoples have to offer us is a way of seeing and a way of being that are frankly pretty unfamiliar to "moderns", but at the same time surprisingly accessible. We humans lived in this balanced energetic and spiritual relationship to Earth and the heavens, to our natural surroundings, for many thousands of years, before we limited our vision.  The Munay-Ki karpays are like a profound home-coming; they open the door to welcome us, to help us recall and incorporate the powerful heritage we all share.

We invite you to investigate this process primarily in your own experience,  by receiving the nine rites, and also, if you are so inclined, by exploring information and reports of others. Here are further sources:

Read more here.   Contains videos, and descriptions, and additional content. Under the direction of Dr. Alberto Villoldo, anthropologist who has studied under Peruvian shamans for some 20 years. Villoldo is also founder of The Four Winds Society, which offers training in shamanic healing and related practices.