Quechua terms related to energies

From www.incaglossary:

sami: (n) (1) High frequency energy that comes from being in harmony with the universe. In order to receie sami, you must give it to other people, places, objects. If your relationships are in balance, then you will be infused with sami. JAR (2) Luck. QP (See, hucha, kawsay.)

hucha, jucha: (n) (1) Heavy, dense, black energy.  (2) In common usage, it means guilt; fault; sin; crime. RS KOAK AVO  Hucha means sin, business (or affair) or plea; hucha is sin only when preceded by a noun in the genitive case, such as runaphuchan (a man’s sin).  When referring to gods or kings, it can only mean business, not in the sense of commerce but in the sense of affairs and secrets. SIMA Heavy energy.  Mistranslated by the Spanish as sin. QNO (See, sami, qhapaq hucha.)


samay: (n) (1) A strong breath into a k’intu giving an energizing influence to the object of the ceremony. (See, phukuy.) KOAK (2) Spirit, repose, breathing. RS Breath, rest. TLD (v) (1) Rest. (2) Exhale deeply. TLD

 saminchaska, samiy: (n) (1) The breath through a k’intu that brings about an interchange of sami with the natural world or with spirits. (2) The performer of such a breath. KOAK (See, samay.)


kawsay, kausay: (n) Life force, energy that animates the universe: it comes from the collective, from genetics and from spiritual energy. Sami and hucha are its two manifestations. Life. Everything is energy; one of the major organizing principles. The energy that permeates all of Creation on various vibrational levels. (See, saiwa, munay, nuna, chekak, yuya, ch'ulla, kallari.) RS KOAK JLH IGMP

kawsay kanchai: (n) Light, feeds the luminous and physical bodies. JLH

kawsaykuna: (n) Food; seed. RS

kawsay pacha: (n) Energy in time and space; creative life force of Pachamama, feeds the physical body. World of life; the world of living energies; the energy universe. RS KOAK Nature. QP

kawsay poq’po: (n) The bubble of living energy around a human, plant, animal, town, mountain, or nature being. RS (See, poq’po.)

kawsay wayra:(n) Air, feeds the physical body; brings heaven and earth together. JLH (See, wayra.)


k'anchay, kanchay, kanchai, qanchay, q’anchay: (n) Light; glory. (v) To give light. PSL To shine. RS

k'anchaykuriy, q'anchaykuriy: (v) To arouse interest. RS

k'anchaykuy, q'anchaykuy: (v) To brighten; to light. RS

k'anchayllu, kanchayllu,q'anchayllu: (n) Torch; flare. RS

k’anchaypacha: (n) The element of light; it must have time and space (pacha) to take place. JLH


qhawaq, kawak: (n) (1) Guard; watcher; keeper. (2) Clairvoyant; visionary; seer of living energy. RS


From Antisuyu Allyu:

 K'Anchay - Light energy that opens and comes through the crown. Related to spirit. Fills our luminous bodies. It is one of the three types of energy and has the sensation of a subtle laser-like pulsation.
–Kawak - Intense spritual vision
–Kawsay - Vital life force energy. Related to the physical body. It is one of the three types of energy. It has a sensation magneticism and heat.
–Sami - Creative Energy. Related to the mental and emotional bodies. It is one of the three types of energy. It tends to be effervescent and cooling.