Hummingbird: Warrior of the Soul's Journey

The Hummingbird, the soul embodied, embarks upon  a great journey. It has a truly lofty vision, to reach its own “divine nature” … by which we reach to mean, its destiny, its fulfillment, its highest potential or purpose; that deeply encoded possibility for its fullest realization. The hummingbird has always its greatest objective in mind. It flies on timelessly, even across the ocean, on its tiny wings.

And there is much more to its story. For the hummingbird’s resolution does not dissuade it from dealing with whatever tasks will arise. It cannot gather the strength needed for its journey without attention to the details.

In the hummingbird’s way of living, the details require going very deep, seeking out the most refined food, for itself and its young.  For this task it has been gifted just the right tool, which aligns exactly to the blossoms of the specific plant species to which its body is adapted. It is mutually co-encoded with that corresponding part of Nature that nourishes it. This work is the time-consuming part of its life. (The glorious flight only comes from time to time.) She must daily work to receive what Mother nature has shared for her and her children. Very often she must fight for it, and then she shows her fierce warrior nature. The beak is a sword as well as a tool for receiving and giving nourishment. Think of that!

Your soul’s journey also requires you to go very deep!
What powers do you need? What forces must you vanquish?
Each day you must work to draw from Nature what will sustain you. Often you will need to fight. And with each thrust of that sword, you will also taste the sweetness!

Through this process, over time, we arrive to our goal. To rely solely on calling for the Sunlight, is folly.

Such is the lesson Nature teaches us; it is the lesson of the plants as well as the birds. If we are willing to go deep, even through difficult contests, we can be sure that Mother Nature will reward us, help us to heal, guide us toward our goal.