Illumination Process, the core of our energy healing work

The Illumination process is the core of our energetic healing work.  Here is how we understand it: as a result of disappointing, painful or traumatic experience, we can carry, at a very deep level in our being, reactive/protective patterns of perception, of belief, and of behavior, rooted not in the present, but in those impressions or wounds of the past.   These are carried at a very deep level of the body. You may have heard terms like "energetic body", and "emotional body".   At this subtle level there is a constant flow of energy, and optimally our chakras, and the Luminous Energy Field that surrounds our bodies, are able to release or heal such imprints; occasionally that healing is interrupted.  Heavy energy then collects around those invisible wounds. Over time, if the wound is not healed a kind of energetic sludge builds up.  Our role in your healing is to help you to release that heavy energy, those old imprints and ways of seeing and acting that are no longer serving you.

There are two keys to making this process work - Feeling and Breathing. They allow you to come into contact with the part that needs help, and then to bring energy to that process.


We set up a private appointment for you to work with either Jeffrey or Cielle.  The session will last about 2 hours. At the beginning of the session there will be time for you to briefly share verbally the issue, situation or ailment around which you want healing. Be prepared to feel bodily sensations and the emotions connected with that issue. Once we start the Illumination process, it's not necessary to do a lot of talking. That is, further telling of your "story" of what happened is not needed during the process - but feeling bodily sensations and the emotions connected with them is important.

The physical body has a lot to reveal to us, as does our emotional body. Give yourself permission to open to, and be a sacred witness to, even subtle shifts and whisperings from your body. You are likely to also connect with the emotions of the issue during this process. We all have stuffed feelings down and have told ourselves that it is not OK to feel deeply, especially "negative" emotions such as grief, fear, anger, disappointment, sorrow, or pain. Such feelings are not "bad": they are signals that something is wrong. And they may be part of the way we have been able to survive in this world and not be consumed by what has happened to us. In the course of healing, they often come strongly into our awareness as they are released. In the Illumination process, you tune into the sensations and emotions arising out of the very issue you want to release.


While you are feeling, we will lead you to take steady, even, breaths. We will instruct you to breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. You will use your breath to aid in the release of heavy or stuck energy.

Our Part

Our part in this is to open a conduit for nature's processes (which you may think of as Spirit, or archetypal forces, or subtle "helpers") to work connect, to support you. The process is your own, and we are simply assisting you.  We will be placing our hands at the base of your skull, using two acupressure points to connect with your Luminous Field as it releases stuck, heavy energy. We will keep you breathing through your feelings and make sure that you are focused on feeling your issue.  We may help you to release by tapping on your body with our fingers or using the sound of a rattle.  

Tapping and the sound of the rattle can help break that sludge that collects in your subtle field into smaller pieces in order for it to be released. Think of a clogged drain and how it needs something to break up the clog. Once that heavy energy is loosened, we may use our fingers or a feather to complete the release. We will also break up and remove blocks that we perceive elsewhere in your Luminous Energy Field.  We will be checking in with you from time to time during your session to get feedback from you concerning what you are experiencing. If we sense a change in your energy field, we may want to compare what we are sensing to how you are experiencing it. 

When we sense that the release is complete, we will "Illumine", or bring pure light into, the Chakra and gently balance all seven Chakras.After the Illumination process is complete, will we spend some time talking before your appointment is over. During this time we will suggest some activities to support continued release and integration.

Plan on this whole process taking approximately two hours. Our fees are on a sliding scale.  $20-50 per hour.  We trust you will find the point on the scale that is appropriate for you and also honors our work.