Andean Despacho Ceremony - pictures and videos

Despacho ceremony in Peru. Summer 2009. Puma Quispe and don Sebastian.

Don Francisco, native of Q'eros, a high altitude community in the Andes of Peru, makes a despacho at an Inca ruins near Cusco. The focus of the despacho was to bring ease and fullness to Health, Work, Home, Community, Family, Friends and Abundance, November 2009

Medicine woman, Dona Erina makes a despacho near the mouth of a cave at Q'illa Rumiyoc in Peru. This despacho was for the prayers and intentions of the group that joined Jeffrey and Cielle on their Sacred Tour in Peru. November 2009

Jeffrey and Cielle create a despacho with students learning to gift the Munay-Ki rite. Each student brought his or her own intentions to this despacho. Fairfield, Iowa.  June 2009

Puma Quispe creates a despacho near his home in Chinchero, Peru.

Cielle creates a despacho.with the intent to bring ease and fulfillment to those who joined Jeffrey and Cielle in their Sacred Tour in Peru. July 2009

Q'ero paqo don Sebastian prepares a despacho to support the healing and transformation of those who joined Jeffrey and Cielle on the "Off the Beaten Track" journey in 2010.