Shamanic Energy Healing and Empowerment

The role of the shaman, in indigenous societies, is to "step outside", to journey into other dimensions, and return ... in service to the community. Shamanic work involves connecting with the forces of nature (You may call these spirits, angels, helpers, or by other words that resonate with you), and calling on them for help. For neolithic peoples this may have been information about where game could be found, or rain for the crops. For us today it is likely to be help in terms of problems we face, or aspirations we want to succeed with.

And success depends on removing obstacles, and on taking positive steps toward our objective.

So we might say there are two steps: healing and empowerment.

Release from patterns and energetic blocks

Do you continually find yourself being hindered by the same obstacles? Are you still held back by patterns you have long since understood and "worked on"?  Do you repeatedly get "triggered" by now-familiar behaviors of your friends or loved ones?

Consider this: There's "shadow material", and there's also "deep shadow", that is, parts and patterns of you that evade many kinds of investigation, therapy, and deep work, because they are lodged not just in your psyche, but in your subtle or luminous body. The ancient techniques of the shamans are about loosening and releasing these deepest blocks. Our intent is to assist you in your own process, by helping you to call in those forces of Nature, and to direct them toward the imprints in your energetic field that are no longer serving you.

The Illumination Process
The Illumination process is the core of our energetic healing work.  Here is how we understand it: as a result of disappointing, painful or traumatic experience, we can carry, at a very deep level in our being, reactive/protective patterns of perception, of belief, and of behavior, rooted not in the present, but in those impressions or wounds of the past.   These are carried at a very deep level of the body. You may have heard terms like "energetic body", and "emotional body".   At this subtle level there is a constant flow of energy, and optimally our chakras, and the Luminous Energy Field that surrounds our bodies, are able to release or heal such imprints; occasionally that healing is interrupted.  Heavy energy then collects around those invisible wounds. Over time, if the wound is not healed a kind of energetic sludge builds up.  Our role in your healing is to help you to release that heavy energy, those old imprints and ways of seeing and acting that are no longer serving you.

For more information about the Illumination Process, click here.

Soul Retrieval

In the long journey of the soul, in this present world of light and dark, we have undergone traumas or extended periods of psychological or physical suffering, during which some aspect of our own being is cut off. In a sense it flees. This can leave us effectively disabled. We may have a sense that "something is missing", or we may recall that "ever since that time, I have not been quite the same."  Perhaps "soul-part retrieval" would be a more accurate term for the process that is needed.  This retrieval process takes the form of shamanic journeying, to recover that "lost", or separated soul part, as well as the information you need to re-integrate it. And just as importantly, it involves your attention and will in discovering what you can do to make that part of yourself welcome again.

Soul retrieval helps to heal old, sometimes very, very old, wounds. And to regain part of who we truly are. It both heals and empowers.

Both Jeffrey and Cielle do private Soul Retrieval work with clients.  Before doing this work we recommend one or more Illumination Processes. (See above). Soul Retrieval sessions last 2.5 to 3 hours. Our fee is on a sliding scale, $20-50 per hour. We trust you will chose the place on the scale that works best for you and honors our work.

Personal Mythic work
Jung observed that the deep psyche communicates in symbols, rather than words. Sometimes, we might decide that for your fastest healing some mythic, or ceremonial, work is needed. We might help you with a symbolic representation of the issue that you are working on and help you gather insights about how to best facilitate the shifts you are needing. We might lead you in a guided meditation or help you to dialog with an image, or something appearing for you within the imaginal realm.

Working at a Distance

All of these processes are effective at a distance. The energetic body underlies and communicates with our physical bodies -- but it is not itself limited in space. We routinely work with clients by telephone or skype.

Energetic Transmissions -- The Munay-Ki

We all have our dreams and aspirations. What is it that we might become? How can I know and live my purpose here? In this we are already stepping beyond healing what may be wrong, or may be limiting us. When we have even a faint feeling that there can be more, we are acknowledging our unrealized potential. And we are feeling the whisper of our own greatness, however soft that whisper may be.

One of the methodologies to preserve well-being and foster growth is a gifting at the energetic level of what in Quechua are called karpays”, often translated as “empowerments”.  In 2006 one of our teachers, Alberto Villoldo, worked with elders from several communities, including Francisco Chura Flores, on a project to bring these karpays to the larger human family.  Honoring the energy of love and connectivity, munay, this series of transmissions became known as the munay-ki.

The Munay-Ki rites are energetic transmissions. Each of the nine transmissions activates in us an aspect of our innate-as-human capacity; it empowers us to step forward into who we are becoming. These rites have been given to us by a lineage of seers and healers who have preserved them for millenia, and who believe that today it is imperative that mankind move forward into these potentials for the sake of the planet. They are given without charge.

Other modalities for deep work

This model of deep inward connecting, revealing, discovery, release, and growth… this model corresponds to the great mythic and mystical traditions: Joseph Campbell identifies “the hero’s journey”; gnostics, sufis, and alchemists all explore the processes of transformation, the cycles of death-and-rebirth.  In our own personal work, and with others who choose to come along, we also access indigenous traditions for leveraging the process.  

In the Amazon region, home to the world’s richest variety of plant species, there is a strong living heritage of  plant medicine, grounded in the access that the master- or teacher-plant, Ayahuasca, gives to those curanderos who answer the call to serve in the healing role. When we, coming from the western industrialized world, weave this powerful medicine into our process, we access very powerful forces which are not-at-all foreign to us! We find that deep within the psyche these plants become our allies as well, our teachers and doctors.  They help us to see, and they help us to stay the course and release.  The plant curandismo  tradition is not just about that one plant; literally hundreds of medicinal plants are known to the masters of this tradition, and they are also brought in to help with the healing process.

Also effective, though arguably more gradual, are the forms of sacred breathwork, pioneered by Stanislav Grof and sourced in large part from the breath-oriented practices, and sound/rhythm aided depth work of native peoples around the world.  We are currently (late 2013) in training to facilitate these breathwork sessions. 

Stepping Into Freedom

When we commit to taking the steps of healing and empowerment that will open the way to living in our destiny, we step into freedom. The healing steps help us to extricate from the maze of sticky patterns that have often entangled us. As we get free from those old ways that have ceased to be useful, we have new opportunities: we can also take steps that activate our freedom to live in a new way, as beings of light, empowered to fulfill the soul's destiny and meet the needs of a new era for the planet.