Global Vigil Fire

Fall Vigil Fire this weekend, September 25, 2009!

1307 S. Main St

Fairfield, IA

9 pm

A vigil fire is one that burns continually over a period of time to collect energy around a particular intention.

It's more than a campfire.

The intention is deeper than heating or cooking.

The movement to hold twice-annual vigil fires has been growing swiftly. This past spring we had the chance to be part of a vigil fire in Ireland.  It was a profound experience to help keep a flame going over a 3 day period. Each person held his or her own transformation and intent while we also held collectively the intent for global transformation. This Saturday evening our fire will join the more than 100 fires that will be lit around the world Sept 26-28.

This fall, in addition to locations around the US, the Sept 26-28 global vigil fire will burn in Ireland, England, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan and Australia and Peru. Each local fire will be unique.  Some gather their friends and spiritual communities together, others join in pairs and individually.  People will have every fashion of fire from candles and votive lights, to large outdoor fire circles.  Some will join for the whole 3-day vigil, others for an evening, or just an hour.

Here's the map:

Following our Munay-Ki fire this Saturday (that is, from about 9 pm), we will keep the fire burning. We invite you to join us for as long as you like. After the Munay-Ki ceremony, the space is open for drumming, singing, hot dogs, ghost stories, or your silent participation... to connect as part of this global gathering. Anyone wishing to stay with the fire through the night (including with tents!) is welcome to do so.

Rainy?  Fire will be inside>