transportation to and inside Peru

Booking your Airfare

Most airlines in the mid-west or east coast will route your flight from the US to Peru through Miami or Atlanta for a 5  - 7 hour flight to Lima.  Flying from San Francisco or Los Angeles, note that some flights stop in Mexico or Central America on the way to Lima and take 12-15 hours. 

As of Feb 2016, Using we were able to find these flights.  There were less expensive flights listed but the total travel time on those less expensive fights was over 25-35 hours, one way with long layovers:

  • San Francisco to Lima, round trip, $712, including taxes
  • Chicago to Lima  round trip for $627, including taxes. 
  • New York to Lima, round trip for $561, including taxes.

Flights between Lima and Hauraz.  LCPeru flies several times a week between Lima and Hauraz.  We used them once with less-than-satisfactory results.  Although the prop plane itself was in good repair, the time of flight from Lima to Huaraz was changed to a time 4 hours earlier. Fortunately we were close to the airport and able to check email to get the notice so we did not miss that flight.  Our return flight from Huaraz to Lima was rescheduled to be a day later which would have been too late for us to make our flight to the US so we cancelled that flight.

Ground transportation Lima to Hauraz

There are several bus lines with routes from Lima to Huaraz.  We have taken and recommend Cruz del Sur.  Some of our most trusted Peruvian friends recommend this bus line for their reliability and safety standards.  Best to book on-line ahead of your trip to ensure that seats are available the day of your travel.

Booking from the US is easy via Go 2 Peru.    We recommend the Cruzero VIP seats, large reclining seats including pillows and blankets on the lower level. One way tickets are about $40.  There are only 12 seats on the lower level. If those are sold out, the upstairs seats are comfortable.  A snack and tea are served.  We have not eaten the snack as it didn't look very nourishing. (The tea may be okay.) (You'll be sleeping anyway!)

During our January visit to Chavin, none of us booked the return bus trip - Hauraz- Lima from the US. We all waited to arrive in Chavin and then had help booking by our Peruvian friends.

 During June, the Cruz del Sur website shows that their buses leave Lima two times a day. (they only had the night bus in January 2016 and will return to having only one bus daily later in 2016.)   

You can also book your bus ride from the Cruz del Sur site. We have done this before.

  • advantages of booking with Cruz del Sur- the ticket will be about $10 less one way.  Booking the morning departure time is available.
  • disadvantages of booking with Cruz del Sur - the payment step of that site feels somewhat less secure.

There are 2 Cruz del Sur bus stations in Lima

  • Javier Prado terminal is closer to the Miraflores district of Lima- the night bus leaves from this station at 10:30pm
  • Plaza del Norte terminal is closer to the airport - the night bus leaves from this station at 11:30pm

in other words, buses from Javier Prado station leave 1 hour earlier then drive one hour to the Plaza del Notre station to pick up more passengers.  The cost from either location is the same.  You need to get to the right station at the right time and let your taxi drive know which station you need to go to.

There are no other stops along the way. The bus arrives in Huaraz between 6 and 7:00 a.m. 

If you will have time to sight see in Lima before your bus to Huaraz, we recommend departing from the Javier Prado station which is a short cab ride away from the bus station.  The Miraflores district is the safest district and has many nice restaurants and shops.

Ground Transportation from Huaraz to Chavin

If several of us will be traveling to Chavin from Huaraz on the same day we may be able to coordinate to take the same commercial bus. These large buses are comfortable with reserved seating so you are assured of getting a seat. The fare one way is about $5-7.

At a higher cost, we could also hire a private taxi or van to share.  The cost per person of a shared van would be in the range $15-25 per person.

We will sort out that travel closer to the time of arrival in Peru.

Transportation between our hostel in Chavin and the ceremonial site

A private van or taxi will provide transportation to and from our hostel to the ceremonial site. The cost of this ride is included in your retreat fees. Some prefer to walk. it is comfortable 15-20 walk.