What to read about Ayahuasca?

Here are a few of the sources we've found useful:

Stanislav Grof, The Adventue of Self-Discovery.  Psychiatrist Stan Grof was the original reseacher on LSD therapy in the 60's. He's one of the founders of the Trans-personal Psychology movement. While this is not a book about ayahuasca, it is very much a great insight into the value of expanded states of consciousness in terms for deep healing of old trauma, and opening into higher consciousness.

In 1907, a young man on a rubber-tapping crew along the upper Amazon was kidnapped by natives. He became a member of their community and eventually its leader. His story, as narrated to Lamb, is among the few accounts that give us a deep insight into what "indigenous" meant, and of the part played by the sacred plants in that way of life.


Don Jose Campos, The Shaman and Ayahuasca.  Why not start with the view from an actual native ayahuascero, who tells his own story quite simply?    

Jeremy Narby, The Cosmic Serpent.  Narby is an anthropologist. He got to Peru fairly early, 1985. He's a broad thinker who enjoys finding threads and connections, so what he does with the serpent motif is fun to follow, and in the process he puts the medicine plants in a very broad cultural context, from Greece and Babylonia to the myths of modern physics.

Ralph Metzner, ed. Sacred Vine of Spirits: Ayahuasca Ralph Metzner is a psychotherapist,and is at the Integral Institute, so there's an orientation toward mental health and Awakening here. But there are a couple dozen writers contributing, so you get to see a lot of viewpoints and contexts, which is pretty handy. As in, we don't really know someone til we see how they show up in many different situations. Here's a look at the ayahuasca phenomenon via many perspectives.