Images from previous plant medicine retreats

curanderos tools
Shaman's tools

Ceremonial center, aka "malocca" 

don Ricardo's helper

Iquitos boardwalk

Jeffrey and Cielle created a Despacho prayer bundle, in gratitude to Pachamama, Mother Ayahausca and Grandfather Huachuma for the opportunity to work in ceremony with sacred teacher plants and indigenous medicine men and women in both the Andes and the Amazon River basin in Peru. We asked for ease and good health  for all who will join us as well as their friends and families especially while they are away.  We prayed that the organizing and executing the travels to be easy and the funds needed to make such a journey come easily for all involved.

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Ayahausca vine
"The vine"

Don and Sandra
Chilling in Iquitos

Mid-retreat ride on the river


Our compatriots off for a swim (& Cielle flirting with photographer)

Dr. Joe

Ninue Rao mascot