Leverage Healing, Ayahuasca

Leveraged Healing: Plant Spirit Medicine Retreat

 To truly heal and transform, we must be willing to engage, and take on some heavy lifting.

Ayahuasca doesn't do that for you. But it acts like a lever, allowing you to use your energy more effectively.

It helps you to get the work done now. Now.

The ancient curandismo tradition in the Amazon is alive and well. There are still beautiful, proficient, heartful men and women walking in the path of service, whose dharma is to help you with your healing, with finding and releasing old forms, old patterns of seeing and behaving, old boundaries of belief and wound. We have five times taken groups of people with us to Peru, for 12 days in the rain forest, working with an indigenous curandero and with plant spirit medicine. We have always found this medicine to be very powerful. Working in a group together adds a wonderful dimension of support and sharing. And of course, when you want time to yourself that is completely supported. 

The marvelous interplay that humans have with Mother Nature, and with the plants in particular, is front and center in our ayahuasca retreat.  What is striking is that, like everything in creation, medicine plants each have their own vibration, and when we are open and receptive, with clear intention, those finest-level vibrations come alive in us, and step forward to serve. 

Ayahausca is consumed in ceremony in the form of a tea made of 2 or more plants.  The synergy of these plants allows DMT to be accessible to our bodies. DMT is referred to as the "Spirit Molecule".  It opens us to visionary states.The Ayahausca vine is considered the "mother plant" which assists in physical, emotional and mental healing. Hence the mixture is considered both "doctor" and "teacher".

The medicine is taken in the evening, usually in a round ceremonial building called a maloka. Participants are seated in a great circle, and the ayahuascero begins by setting a space of safety and power, calling in his spirit helpers. One by one the participants rise to receive a small cup of the potent tea.

Several hours later, as the ceremony closes, some choose to remain and sleep in the maloka, and others retire to their own rooms.

You'll find much more info about Nihue Rao at www.nihuerao.com.