Your questions answered about our Ayahuasca healing Retreat

Whether you will drink Ayahusca for the first time or already know this medicine well,

this page is your resource for all the questions you have about attending our extended Ayahuasca retreat in the jungle of Peru.
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March 7 to March 20, 2015, we'll return to the Amazon jungle, and we'd like  to have your company.

Ayahuasca is an ally for those who are called to work at very deep levels, in alliance with Nature’s diverse forces. It is both “the teacher” and “el doctor”. Often to move forward we must heal or loosen old structures, old ways of being, to make way for new ones. Such structures, however "subtle" in their nature, are nonetheless rooted deep in the fabric of our flesh, in the body. You are likely to experience a sense of hard work in releasing them. But due to the assistance or leverage the plant medicine offers, that work is highly effective. Then we are free to take on new ways of seeing, acting, being.

Jeffrey and Cielle (here with one of our friends from Iquitos) are happy to answer your questions.

We're offering the next in our series of ayahuasca retreats. We started working with this remarkable medicine plant about six years ago, and have since come to deeply appreciate the ancient tradition for its gifts of vision, empowerment and healing.
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