Ayahuasca Retreat - Amazon jungle

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Ayahuasca Retreat - Peru - March 7-20, 2015

Take a big step into freedom: Join us in Peru with the Plants

- Have you felt the plant spirits calling?

- Is it time to deepen your own healing practice?
- Are you ready for a powerful ally in your inner work?


We welcome you on our 6th Ayahuasca retreat.

We’ll again be journeying to Iquitos, Peru, in the Amazon Basin, and to Nihue Rao retreat center, a beautiful facility in lovely forest surroundings, owned and operated by Shipibo ayahuascero Ricardo Amaringo, and by Joe Tafur, American MD, and Cvita Mamic, Canadian artist.

We’ll be at the center for 12 days (link to detailed itinerary here). We’ll participate in 6 ayahuasca ceremonies, as well as other traditional medicine work. Each of us will be working with an additional power plant, selected by don Ricardo; plant baths or steam baths may also be offered.

In Ceremony

Ayahuasca ceremonies are conducted in a large round building called a “maloca”. The ceremony begins after dark. The shaman creates a safe space for deep work, and offers the cup to each participant. Everyone is free to drink less than the full cup, and to not drink at all. (After some time a second cup is usually offered.)  Icaros, or medicine songs, begin, and continue throughout the ceremony.

Ayahuasca works with the body, mind, and spirit. At the body level, the plant demonstrates that it is a great purifier.  Everyone has heard of purging in ceremony. Purging is cleaning! The ayahuasca tea cleanses very deeply, clearing out the physical constituents of old trauma, old illness, old emotional distress and wounding. These are related to the limbic, “mammalian” brain, and the primitive fight-or-flight responses to early trauma.

Most people will indeed purge with ayahuasca. This may be unpleasant, especially if we resist, and it can also be a gratifying experience - felt as the letting go of very old, negative material we have been carrying. It can also be challenging, though it will only be a few moments of the evening. Ayahuasca is indeed like a lever; and sometimes as with a lever, we have heavy lifting to do; it can be difficult. In time it comes to be experienced as a normal and useful part of the clearing process.

At the level of mind and emotion, ayahuasca brings to consciousness the hidden material that has been haunting us for decades. This can come in the form of recalling or re-living actual events from our past, or may arise as symbols or images that somehow carry the “felt sense” of past events - and the resulting beliefs which we still carry. This leads to closure or resolution. As a “visionary plant-spirit”; it helps us to see, to “envision” … what happened to us, how we were affected, and what we came to believe about ourselves, about others, about the world. It helps us to understand what to do next, what limiting beliefs to release, and how to move forward. “Seeing is … releasing!”

“Spiritual Awakening”   The numinous realm into which ayahuasca and the shaman’s icaros, carry us, is a realm in which not only our personal past, but also the “trans-personal”, and Archetypal realms are accessed. Beyond this lifetime, our birth- and perinatal experiences, past lives and ancestral material, and even deeper information about the structure of creation can arise. In these realms there is life, there is spirit, and often these deep levels are very much alive, speaking to us, engaging, teaching.

The realms ayahuasca opens us to can gift us with new ways of seeing, being, living. To know the Earth as Mother, to open to the Divine as it flows into life and all of creation … these are more than isolated experiences. Just as what we see through a telescope does not cease to exist when we have returned to our homes, so these numinous connections and openings remain in our awareness.

At Nihue Rao, ceremony will usually include specific icaros for each individual. Each has its own quality or power, and it is the shaman’s role to assess each person and select the needed icaro which will serve that person’s need and process.

The Facility: Nihue Rao has been designed and constructed as a sacred space to support your process. It is comfortable but simple. The grounds are on a lovely white sand plateau, which mosquitoes happen to dislike. Plenty of shady trees. Lodging, dining, and ceremony buildings are open-air and fully screened. Bathrooms are modern construction with running water. The dining facility is arranged for fellowship, and we’ve been delighted by both the quality of the food and the personal attention given by the staff. There is a friendly lounge with reading material, and a dedicated “art maloca” to support integrative work - remember, we’re working with the imaginal realm!

Personal Attention

Everyone’s process is different. We’re deeply impressed with the degree of individual attention for participants at Nihue Rao. In addition to the individual healing work given in ceremony, there is a morning-after circle meeting, an opportunity to share your experience and to receive help in understanding or working with the material that has arisen. Hearing each others’ stories helps us all to begin to realize what a range of information and opportunity this numinous realm can contain!

It’s also useful to have individual coaching available. Joe, Cvita, and don Ricardo, as well as Jeffrey and Cielle, are available to listen, reflect, sometimes offer suggestions, as you integrate your experiences and navigate through your personal process.