I won't go into great detail here as I'm sure you feel the Love and Gratitude, but I am just thankful that you are both here in Fairfield anchoring this energy.  Last night was incredible and I feel very thankful for having the experience, so thank you!

Shane Ernest, Fairfield, IA

Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with me. Words will never express the joy that I feel in the power of transformation that you have initiated within me. May all your seeds germinate with love and light...

Peter De Ruiter, Fairfield, IA

feeling soo much appreciation to cielle & jeffrey  for opening your hearts to offer this profound knowledge of these shamanic rites 1-4.... this calling came to me on a breeze from nature on thursday afternoon just in time to answer the call and go forth.... its all awesome . the fire ceremony was amazing, both my daughter clair & i are very blessed looking forward to being in touch with you and proceeding forth... much love, light and blessings to you.

And then a few months later.
the experience i have had since that afternoon receiving the 9th rite, is noticing there is some sense of protection in all I am doing, and as i begin to feel some little thought or feeling of doubt or fear, a quick "sign" will show itself to me so i can relax about whatever it was i was feeling. like divine intervention that was never as vivid before for me until now. its interesting.

Linda Desmond, Fairfield, IA

Your integrity and character leads me to a deep respect and appreciation for all that you are trying to accomplish.

Chris Roberts, Fairfield, IA

Both of us want to thank you ever so kindly for the opening of your home and hearts and being so guided by Spirit to gift the Muni-Ki!  And that also goes to Michael and your other assisting helpers.  May you each be blessed "more than enough".  One of the expressions Tee and I use for each other on a fairly regular basis.

Yesterday's experience for Ree was deeply sacred and deeply moving and I felt especially blessed to receive this right by you Cielle.  I felt a very connected feminine energy with you giving me the rite.  I was so moved I needed to leave the room and let the tears flow.  It took me into some kind of mini vortex--- and I also felt this when Jeffrey gave the guided meditation!!  It was the most powerful of all so far. And not that any one of them is less significant then another.  I am a Reiki Master and have been involved with a group called the Band of Angels when I lived in Florida..... so energies are not new to me. Both Tee and I wanted to leave and take the energy into our depths and give deep appreciation to these gifts you are all so graciously giving.

Ree and Tee Phileo, Fairfield, IA

Having a shamanic healing with Jeffery and Cielle has been a truly wonderful experience.  Their very
open presence and gentle invitation to enter sacred space with them set me at ease immediately. I felt complete trust in their abilities to guide me to a place where my specific issues were addressed, and a shift began to occur. Each step along the way was explained prior to beginning the process, with dialogue of my experience afterward.   Their love, compassion and deep level of awareness of my process was apparent throughout my time with them. My body felt very relaxed and at ease afterward, and my mind was more serene, more peaceful. I continued to notice some shift, some opening in my awareness around my specific issue for days after the healing session, and remained comfortable in that process.  I would highly recommend Jeffrey and Cielle for any shamanic illumination healing session you might desire. 

MH, Fairfield, IA

I have the utmost respect for how Jeffrey and Cielle conduct integral expressions of wellness leadership and exploration. I continually flourish under their compassionate influence, and recommend highly Stepping Into Freedom and each of them.  

Kahshanna Evans, New York, NY