About Jeffrey and Cielle

Jeffrey and Cielle have meditated daily since the early 70's.  In those years, we both spent many years teaching meditation full time. 

In the past several years we have been studying energy healing and embodied awakening.  We have both completed 9 week-long residential courses of study with Alberto Villoldo's Four Winds Society. And we have sought out other teachers who work in the indigenous traditions of the Americas.  We have worked directly with don Oscar Miro-Quesada at Spirit Mound; with Jose Luis Herrera, and his Rainbow Jaguar school in the Sacred Valley; with Jorge Luis Delgado, in Puno near Lake Titicaca and with  Puma Quispe in Chinchero and among the apus of the high Andes. For a time, Jeffrey lived and worked with  Q'ero paqo don Fransisco Chura Flores in Cusco. With the help of several native ayahauscaros in the Amazon river basin in Peru, we have worked with the great plant spirit teachers, with the guidance of  Luis Pinedo, Javier Arevalo, and Ricardo Amaringo and others.  Were also grateful for the teachings of several skilled huachumeros, working with the sacred San Pedro cactus in the Andes.

To all these teachers, and to the lineages of ancient ones and wisdom keepers who stand behind them through the centuries, and in the timeless present, we give thanks for what we have learned and what we rejoice in offering forward.

Jeffrey and Cielle offer shamanic healing, and assist people in embodied awakening, as well as gifting the Munay-Ki Rites, the karpays, or empowerments which are the gifts of several indigenous peoples to all who will receive them with an open heart. We have given the full nine rites to more than 120 people and given one or more of the first 8 rites to another 200 people.  We also offer courses teaching others to gift the Munay-Ki.

Among the discoveries we've made is that there is much to be learned by connecting with the living energies of our planet. These may be in our own homes, or in Nature, and they are often most strong where pre-industrial peoples have nurtured them for centuries. Our travels have taken us to such sites in Ireland, Mexico, Egypt, and, most often, to Peru, where we've spent some 14 months since 2007.

The gifts of healing and awakening we've received at these sites, especially with the guidance of local medicine people, seem to call out for sharing. Since 2009 we have felt that we need to take others with us. We love the energy that is generated by a small group of like-minded explorers. So we began to organize and help lead sacred journeys to Peru, and this has become an important part of what we offer.

We call our work  "Stepping into Freedom", because each element is a step in facilitating the release and transcendence of old, limiting patterns of being-seeing-acting... and also in opening to the beings we are here to become.

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